Distributed Testing Tool

JBossDTF is a distributed testing tool. It is designed to run tests that involve multiple processes (such as clients and servers) on heterogeneous environments. It uses a central test coordinator and multiple slave nodes. Unlike other tools built on this architecture (e.g. hudson, java test runner, anthillpro), it explicitly supports test nodes that have different environments. It can ensure a test is run in a specific environment, subset or cross-product of available environments. Need a test where your server code executes on 64-bit linux with the sun Java 1.5 JVM whilst the client is on 32-bit Windows with Java 6? No problem. Need to run thousands of tests across combinations of 7 different operating systems, each with 3 different JVMs and 6 different database configurations? JBossTS uses DTF for exactly this purpose. We wrote it because we could find nothing else to do the job.

About the Project

Getting Involved If you wish to get involved as a developer in the JBossDTF project, please visit the forms and get to know people. Also, it is recommended you visit the JIRA pages to get a glimpse of the status or project tasks.
  • Jehudi Castro (project lead)
  • Jonathan Halliday and others from the JBossTS dev team, who are the biggest users of JBossDTF right now.
  • Richard Begg
Community Our forums are the main channel of communication between all community members. If you experience problems, have questions, or simply want to meet the community, visit the forums.
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Project Status JBossDTF uses the JIRA tracking and project management system to organize and prioritize tasks.
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History DTF was initially developed as an in-house testing tool for ArjunaTS at HP Arjuna Labs and later at Arjuna Technologies. It was transferred to JBoss along with ArjunaTS, which became JBossTS. JBossDTF was released as open source (LGPL) in April 2008. It is used mainly for the testing of JBossTS code.
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